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Kasa's Freedom Manifesto 




2018 事情,图⽚

纱绢 220cm x 100cm

NAME: Kasa's Freedom Manifesto

DATE: 2018

#Event #Kasa #Photograph: 1 by 2.2 meters, Printed on Silkscreen, 2018




About《Kasa's Freedom Manifesto

卡萨是我 2009 年在北京捡来的⼀条流浪狗,在流浪的天性和“被圈养”之间有着⼀种奇怪的博弈。我 ⽆法完全圈养它,它 离家出⾛多次又回来,如此反复的过了 10 年,我成为了它天然的观察者。我跟踪后发现它其实并⽆去处,只是在草地上 看天...


I adopted Kasa in 2009 in Beijing. It seems to me that she stands on the fine line between accepting to be adopted and wanting to remain a stray dog. I'd argue that she cannot be fully tamed: for the ten years we've known each other she has repeatedly run away for a few days then come back, making my blood run cold every time. It seems that she expects me to be her observer rather than her owner. Over the years, I traced her secretly many times and realized that she actually had nowhere to go. In fact, she was just sitting on the grass and simply gazing at the sky.

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