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Hu XiaoFang


ABOUT《Hu Xiao Fang》


Hu Xiaofang is an “art brand” established by artist Hu Yinping in 2015, which has evolved out of five phases. Applying the logic of production and trade which is inherent in corporate systems and societies, Hu Yinping, under the brand name “Xiaofang” and “Hu Xiaofang”, places bulk orders of woolen textiles made by domestic women who live in a small village of her hometown. Her practices, to some extent, have changed the local economic and lifestyle structure of the entire town. The work starts with “Xiaofang” making purchases of beanie hats made by her mother, and then extends to collective participation of women in the town. Based on her own experience, Hu Yinping empathizes with the plight of these elder women, which inspires her to design multiple knitting themes during different time periods. Her experience calls for reflections on the realistic, social and present-day situation, adding a trenchant profoundity and richness to her work.Presented as a social interstice, Hu Xiaofang embeds itself into the social organizations, attempting to play an actual role in the society. It takes advantage of existing societal rules and art systems, but by formulating and implementing new production goals, it is capable of escaping from such existing production and trading structure in the society and offering new possibilities for the relationship between labor and life.

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