Yin Xianglan & Hu Shimin, 2014


NAME: Yin Xianglan & Hu Shimin

DATE: 2014

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Pace Beijing "Unlived By What Is Seen"


ABOUT 《Result of Lovemaking》


One night as a child, Hu Yinping came to her parent’s bedroom because she couldn't sleep: and she was swiftly sent out without any apparent reason.


In China sex is made taboo as it is strongly being associated with porn. The strange thing is that although barely anyone talks about lovemaking, everyone congratulates times when a couples give birth to their children. People seem embarrassed to talk about the act of lovemaking when it is obvious that streets are filled with its result!



In 2013, Hu Yinping came back to her hometown more frequently than usual. This is because she had in mind to record her parents making love. But every of the seven times she came back to visit, they would stop any nightly activity. So she gave the mission to her sister to set up a camera in their bedroom and to send the data that was recorded through the internet to Hu's computer. After having assembled 100 Gigabytes of her parent’s intimate moments, which are mostly conversations about daily matters, Hu Yinpin made the decision to destroy the evidence and only to give a first person account of her experience.


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