A famous curator in China organized an exhibition called “Ye Zou Hei Qiao” in Beijing. During 2 months, around 100 artists came to show works of all kinds, ephemerally. Many of them planned to use the last day of the show to stand under the spotlights of the media.

The Contract.

In the morning of the last day of the exhibition, Hu Yinping went to look for two migrant workers from Henan province working on a building site nearby. She asked them to sign a contract: they were to keep unsullied the one meter space in front of the art gallery from 12 am to 12 pm. Were the task completed successfully without giving in her name, 400RMB would be given to each of them at midnight.


The workers arrive and set up a precisely measured rope around the perimeter of the artist’s artwork. What remains of the scene is a record of the brilliant dialogue between the media, angry artists, a frustrated curator, and two honest migrant workers doing their job as told. During 12 hours, the workers conscientiously replied the questions they were asked, kept their composure when insulted, humorously changed subject when being laughed at, refused the temptation of being bribed, and called a dozen of other migrant workers when threatened to be beaten up.


NAME: Protecting ART

DATE: 2013

#Event #Audio Record

Credits: 2014,Composition of Different Screens,1920x1080,16:9,color,Stereo.

Independent Project


"Protecting Art”&“Hei Qiao by Night”




Protecting ART , 2013


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