Snowy White Dove, 2017 to Present


NAME: Snowy White Dove

DATE: 2017 to Present

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“Xiao Fang” Arrow Space, Solo

About《Snowy White Dove》

 Snowy White Dove, the sequel to Xiao Fang(2016), In Xiao Fang, Hu conned her mother into knitting a multitude of fanciful hats on the pretense of a hat broker “friend,” Xiao Fang, who bought them at above market rates. Since then, this wool-ly project has continued to grow in its entanglements. Once word spread of Hu’s mother’s good fortune, the township’s ladies were also keen to participate and the project grew. The concept expanded from a single knitter, Hu’s mother, into a weaving collective that harnesses the creativity of up to fifty of the women in Hu Yinping’s hometown. Enthusiastic at first, the aunties began to fatigue over time. The hat format proved too limiting, as well as challenging for those less skilled. In response, Xiao Fang fabricated a French Bikini Competition and set up guidelines for the knitters. The ground rules gave a year’s time to knit and stated there were no limits on color, shape, size or content. It also included a suggestion to design bikinis for respective family members. Making swimwear offered a more open format for expression and allowed those of varying skill levels to participate. Eighty-five of the best handmade bikinis have been photographed, photoshopped onto digital images of Victoria Secret models and presented on the large LED screen. Several of the highlights also hang on the wall. This virtual catwalk of Snowy White Dove is a slideshow of the pieces selected for the French Bikini Competition. The competition has yet to take place.

Snowy White Dove and Xiao Fang are windows into a complex web of well-intentioned deception that is altering the dynamics of individual lives and the larger economy of a local township. A room in the center of town has been designated a gathering space where knitters can go for advice, to stock up on yarn and socialize. This social space has become so popular that the local mahjongg parlor has shuttered its doors. The small monitor in the center of the room shows edited footage from a security camera in the knitter’s gathering space. The ripple effect of this activity also extends out to individuals. The older matrons are finding an outlet for their creativity and being financially rewarded for their results. They regain their self-esteem and connect to a social circle. The artist, Hu Yinping is still undercover as Xiao Fang, although the deceit becomes increasingly difficult. She uses sales of her own sculptures to fund the project, collecting the knitted pieces as one-of-a-kind items and a physical record of the passage of time.



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