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FBI 拯救全世界

FBI Saves The World 




2018 事情,图⽚,影像

1)C-Prints: 44.5cm x 62.5

2)单幕影像 : 4’23, 586/1238,彩⾊ ,⽴体声


DATE: 2018

#Event #Photos : 44.5cm x 62.5cm #Video (7'09'', 586x1238, color, stereo)



关于《FBI 拯救全世界》

About《FBI Saves The World》

训练两位“FBI”探员,在肯德基⻔⼝劫持了⼀位名⼩学⽣,出示证件并告知:他们通过监察,发现他 ⼿机⾥被秘密传输了⼀ 串密匙,他们必须第⼀时间进⾏获取,事关国家安全并可以拯救全世界⼈类。两 位“探员”⽤⿊科技把他的⼿机⾥的图像 进⾏了迅速拷⻉后离开,离开前请他吃了两份全家桶作为答谢。 PS: ⼩时候⼀直期待着⾃⼰有⼀场不通寻常的经历,⽐如外星⼈⼀起吃饭,在海底骑⻳,和 FBI ⼀起拯救 世界 ... 总之有 ⼀段⾮凡的经历让⾃⼰的存在和别⼈不同,但⼀直⾮常遗憾未曾发⽣ ...

When I was a child, I was always looking forward to having an unusual experience, such as eating with aliens, riding turtles under the sea, and saving the world with the FBI... In short, I would resort to using my imagination to make my existence a little different. I still regret that none of it really happened.

So I had the idea of “training” two "FBI" agents for a special mission in front of a local KFC. One kid from a neighboring primary school came by and my two "Agents" told him that a secret password had mistakenly been transmitted to his mobile phone. The boy was then asked to give his phone in for a check since national security was at stake and his cooperation could save the whole of humanity. While "looking for the secret password", my two "Agents" actually used a hacking device to download all the images in the young student’s mobile phone. Before leaving, they rewarded the young hero with a Chicken Wings Family Bucket Menu.


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